How It Works

Myndgard uses AI and App Technology to measure Mental Health Wellness and provide real-time feedback  to Clients and Therapists, this leads to better and more satisfactory solutions for everyone

We all do Mental Health

There is a recognition now that when we give Mental Health our attention every day this can get us unstuck and have many benefits. This is Mood Tracking. We know that Mood Tracking helps you learn and connect with your mental health vital signs such as sleep, movement and mood.

Taking Small Steps

Mood Tracking does this and builds hope, belief and wellbeing. Mood Tracking helps you learn about how the smallest of steps are making a difference.

Mood Tracking is about stopping every day and doing Myndgard. Whether you are going through a life event, some change or working on coming to terms with an issue, even while waiting, starting, attending or ending therapy, our promise to you is Myndgard is with you 24/7.

Wellness Feedback to you

Every day we will be in touch with you to ask you ‘how you are doing’ with research backed questions that our experts and research shows are important for building hope. And every week (Plus and Pro versions) we will send you information and feedback on your unique mood patterns. This is how you and Myndgard build up a picture that is unique to you. Join us as we begin a revolution in mental health care where we put you at the centre as the expert and where we will join you with our ability to see your patterns and eventually predict your upcoming mood changes.

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