Mental Health Safe Guarding

264 Million people suffer from Depression / Anxiety Worldwide according to the WHO and sufferers are often not aware they are entering depression. If depressed, the sufferer is less likely to reach out for help and Depression is very treatable, especially if caught early. It is possible to detect Depression / Anxiety early and to apply corrective solutions to achieve quicker and better outcomes.

The Myndgard Vision

The Myndgard vision is to enable Clients and Therapists to have an objective view of the Clients mental health as far as possible to support the Client (and Therapists) work to ameliorate the onset of depression or anxiety. Using AI techniques and Passive Data from the Clients daily lives provides a strong indication of their wellbeing. This is supplemented by Standard Diagnostic techniques remotely administered to confirm the state of the Clients mental health. This opens up a new world where Clients have a objective view of what the risk to their mental health is likely to be and they are enabled to undertake actions to improve it.

Clinical Basis Quantitive Psychology

  • Research shows that Movement, Location, Sleep and Social Media Analysis can provide feedback to Clients
  • Academic Research has revealed a strong correlation between the physical movement, location and sleep of a patient and Mental Wellbeing


Myndgard is not a clinical service. The work of Myndgard is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. We are supporting Therapists to advance the care Clients are provided. We are not a substitute for professional care in your community. While we have drawn upon best practice guidelines and best standards of clinical care to inform Myndgard, you are encouraged to confirm information obtained here with other sources, and review all information regarding any issues related to diagnosis or treatment with a professional. It is advised that you do not disregard professional advice or delay seeking treatment because of something you have read on or accessed through Myndgard.

Meet The Team

Dr Sean Kelley

PhD Trinity Researcher and Neurologist. A world leader in Computational Psychology.

Dr Edel Crehan

Senior Clinical Psychologist, St Patricks Mental Health Hospital. Experienced in mental health treatment and psychosis prediction.

Pat Flynn

Experienced Start-up and Business Development Professional. Has launched a number of successful software start ups.

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